Supporting Caldicott Guardians across the UK



It would have been possible to produce a much longer manual with more exhaustive guidance on legal and other matters that Caldicott Guardians may need to address from time to time. However, the UK Caldicott Guardian Council wanted to provide a relatively concise document to assist new and established Caldicott Guardians without overwhelming them.

So this manual should be regarded as a starting point in the learning journey. We intend to evolve it over time, and welcome feedback. Annex A is a checklist to help new Caldicott Guardians get up to speed. Annex B lists organisations where Caldicott Guardians can go to obtain help and guidance, as well as some key references for further reading. Annex C provides a brief compendium of key legislation and guidance.

The position of Caldicott Guardian can be a lonely one. It often requires wisdom to balance legal and ethical factors, but it may also require independence and resilience. Caldicott Guardians should try whenever possible to support each other. The UK Caldicott Guardian Council has set up regional forums where Caldicott Guardians can meet to share experiences. It also stands ready to debate issues and provide advice when the right answer to a dilemma is by no means obvious.

The Council intends to keep this manual relevant by updating this online version from time to time, to keep abreast of developments. We welcome feedback.