Supporting Caldicott Guardians across the UK


Where and how can a Caldicott Guardian learn?

For Caldicott Guardians, every day is a learning day: learning isn’t restricted to attending courses and study days. Other opportunities may include:

  • review your Caldicott plan evaluation or Caldicott log and undertake reflection about an area of learning within it. This may be facilitated by a coach or through peer support or clinical supervision and you may choose to write your learning in a redacted diary or portfolio as evidence;

  • engage with your local Caldicott Guardian network group and raise questions for discussion;

  • consider peer review and coaching as opportunities for learning and development;

  • undertake the Caldicott-related modules on the IG Toolkit;

  • sign up for newsletters, for example the Information Governance Alliance (IGA) newsletter which includes news and information for Caldicott Guardians;

  • undertake audit or research and add to the body of knowledge relating to the Caldicott Guardian role;

  • review how the application of the Caldicott principles applies to other learning. For example, if you have recently been involved with a safeguarding issue, what learning is there from a Caldicott perspective?

If you do decide a course or a study day will work for you, there are many to choose from. A list of training providers offering face to face Caldicott Guardian training is available.1 Be selective when choosing and consider:

  • Does this course provide a Caldicott focus or an information governance perspective?

  • Is it the most resource effective way to meet my learning needs?

  • Is the provider accredited? Respected?

  • Have you heard good feedback from other Caldicott Guardians or your local Caldicott Guardian Council network?

  • Can you commission something with colleagues to meet your collective needs?

Networking/sharing best practice is the best way to avoid the often-cited loneliness of the role. There are two conferences for Caldicott Guardians annually — usually in spring and autumn — and several regional networks which can support your development in your Caldicott Guardian role.

Evaluation of all your learning and development activities will enable your continuous development.

Consider how to share your learning as well as your experiences with others as a way of spreading good practice.

There is a wealth of information available on line.