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Caldicott Guardian Regional Networks

Caldicott Guardian Regional Networks


Northeast Regional Network

The North East Regional Network was first established in March 2015. It has a broad membership from the Caldicott function of Health and Social care, commissioners and providers. It spans public, private and charity sector organisations. There are currently 28 members. Meetings are quarterly and hosted by members organisations on a voluntary rotational  basis. Past activities include organising shared learning events. Discussions at meetings relate to local challenges and initiatives, for example the Great North Care Record and organisation based Caldicott case studies. Membership, meetings and communication is coordinated by Helen Dyer. Visitors from other networks and other professionals wishing to discuss items relating to the Caldicott function are very welcome to attend by prior agreement.

Please contact the chair, Helen Dyer

London Caldicott Guardian Group

The first meeting of the London Caldicott Guardian Group was in May 2017.  It is supported by the UK Caldicott Guardian Council (UKCGC) and has a membership of around twenty, including a variety of health and care organisations.  It meets regularly a couple of weeks after each UKCGC meeting.  Subject matter typically includes data security, GDPR and training, as advised by UKCGC, as well as specific case studies.  The meetings are of two hours duration.  We include some members from adjacent regions where there is no regional group.


Please contact the chair, Tim Kendall or vice-chair, Marie Martinelli.

Southwest Regional Network

The SouthWest Regional CG Network was formed in 2016, meets once a year formally, and the venue rotates around the region. There is an email virtual network in addition, and the mailing list is managed in the IG Department at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The Chair is Adrian Marchbank, and there is a vacant Deputy Chair position. It has representation from heath, social care and third sector organisations. Topics discussed include preparation for GDPR, cybersecurity and the role of the UK CGC. Each meeting has a forum for discussion of current topics of interest.


Please contact the chair, Adrian Marchbank

Northwest Regional Network

The NW Regional Caldicott Network was founded in 2016 and has an active membership of around twenty. A variety of health and care agencies are represented. Any Caldicott Guardian or their direct representatives are welcome. It meets 3 or 4 times a year, updates attendees on current Caldicott concerns, discusses case studies and has one or more specialist speakers. The meetings are of two hour duration.


Please contact the chair Ben Heal, an Independent member of the UKCGC.