Supporting Caldicott Guardians across the UK


Council Meeting 6th December 2018


Dr Chris Bunch Chairman), Sandra Lomax (Vice-chair), Carey Bloomer, Professor Martin Crook, Dr Arjun Dhillon, Helen Dyer, Christopher Fincken, Tim Kendall, Adrian Marchbank, Dr Matt Noble, Dale Phillipson, Richard Powley, David Riley, Dr Cait Taylor, Gordon Wanless, Dr Fenella Wrigley, Capt Sarah Stapley


Dr Simon Eccles, Susan Kirby, Eva Simmonds


Ross Thornton, Dr Claire Zane


Faouzi Alam, Eleanor Anderson, Gill Bennet, Samantha Edwards, Stephen Hinde, Allison McCallum, Dawn Monaghan, Air Commodore Reid, Gill Weatherill, Michael Wilbur, Andrew Harvey

Conflicts of interest  from Sandra Lomax and Christopher Fincken (as training providers) were noted. 

Chairman’s update 

The Chairman updated council members on his attendance at the Data and Cyber Security Programme Board and discussions from the November National Data Guardian’s panel including the CQC and NHS Digital joint inspections and realising the value of data. 

Vice Chair’s update

The Vice Chair updated council members on further engagement with the Police and exploring how the UK CGC can support progress with missing persons cases. 

Regional networks

The North network provided an update to council members on the preparations for the UKCGC event scheduled for 11 January 2019. The agenda for the event includes sessions on the Caldicott Guardian's role in supporting the National Data Opt-out; patient confidentiality and the Code of Confidentiality; and the role of the Caldicott Function in Data Protection Impact Assessments. 

Requests for advice

The Council discussed recent requests for advice that have been received by the UKCGC mailbox or raised on the digital  forum. Full details of requests for advice can be provided upon and are also available to view as discussion topics on the digital health Caldicott Guardian forum.

Caldicott Guardians and supporting staff may contact the Council for advice by email to the Secretariat, via the Council website support page, or by posting to the Digital Health Networks Caldicott Guardians’ online forum.

Proposed Standard GP Dataset

Eva Simmonds Programme head presented an update to council members regarding NHS Digital’s GP Data for secondary uses programme. Council members were informed that the NHS Digital GP (data) Extraction Service - GPES contracts end in 2018. 

To address current limitations of the system including the current capacity, costs, and burden NHS Digital are developing a standard GP Dataset. Eva Simmonds discussed the proposed stakeholder engagement approach and underpinning values (Respect, trust and transparency). Council members highlighted the importance of fair processing, ensuring there are no surprises and implementing preferences. 

Health and Care CCIO – Digital transformation

Chief Clinical Information Officer for Health and Care, Dr Simon Eccles, presented to Council members on the programme of work being undertaken to ensure better use of technology and information to join up the health and care system to deliver better health care, better patient experience and better sustainability. 

Discussion with council members followed regarding the challenges of the work and how the UKCGC may be able to support this moving forward. 

National Data Opt-out 

Susan Kirby Senior Implementation Manager from NHS Digital presented an update to Council members regarding the progress of the National Data Opt-out implementation beyond NHS Digital and across health and care. 

Council members were informed of the support available from NHS Digital to organisations implementing the National Data Opt-out including updated operational policy guidance. 

Other business

It was suggested that a session presented by Care Quality Commission on their Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) across primary and secondary care at a future meeting would be valuable. 

Chris Bunch